Friday, 11 February 2011

(Green Tea) Sencha.

Where it's grown: Japan.

How it tastes: Refreshing, fragrant, and pleasant.

Color of the brew: Light yellow-green.

When to drink it: With lunch or dinner or a snack.

Brewing directions: Steep 1-1/2 teaspoons in 1 cup steaming water for 1 minute.

Worth noting: Japan's favorite everyday tea, served hot with meals, and as green iced tea.


  1. :O I have not haad tea in a long time!
    Now this makes me want to taste this tea :D
    ps. I will try to find white chocolate dresses for you :) (I want to see them too!)

  2. This is the only tea I need to augment. The green tea taste bothers me a little, but with a little honey it's much better!

  3. I heard the japanese don't put sugar in their tea! I can't stand it without sugar.. opinions?

  4. @Jomann: They don't, Its actually not bad with green teas, and white teas taste better without. I think black teas are okay, but im always used to sugar with them! :)